Miners-Lab Miners-Lab
The Data Controller for your personal data is:
Mokcoin Investments LTD
Jesse Ramirez
[email protected]

(hereafter, Miners-Lab)

Your personal data will be used solely for the following purposes:
Managing complete access to, and correct use of, the Services by developers and end users.
Communicating with you in response to requests, comments and questions raised through the Services or the contact forms on our website.
Providing, updating, maintaining and protecting the Services, websites and activities.
Communications: We may send you emails, messages and other communications in relation to the Services, technical matters and changes to the Services. These communications are considered part of the Services and may not be refused.
Marketing: We may use your data to contact you electronically or non-electronically to carry out surveys, obtain your opinion about the service provided and occasionally to notify you of changes, important developments to the Services, and offers or promotions. You may at any time withdraw your consent to receiving these notifications using the mechanism contained in the notifications for that purpose or by sending a written message with the subject ‘Unsubscribe’ to [email protected]

We will not use your personal data for any purpose other than those described above except where legally required to do so.
Period for storing the data: The personal data you provide will be held and handled during the period in which we provide services to you, without prejudice to the possibility of exercising your rights to suppress the data, in which case Miners-Lab will block your data for as long as their legal obligations remain in force.

Requests for information which you send to us and the eventual contracting of Miners-Lab services require the interested party to voluntarily provide the data needed to be able to assist you or to provide you with the Services. However, the interested party may freely refuse to provide us with said data or may subsequently revoke their consent for their data to be handled, although this would make it impossible for us to respond to their request or to provide them with the Services.
Miners-Lab understands that by providing us with these data, the interested party accepts and expressly consents to their data being handled for the aforementioned purposes.

The legal standing for handling these data is the consent given by the interested party for the aforementioned purposes. Said consent will be sought (i) before proceeding to handle their data, (ii) at the time of registering as a user, or (iii) at the time of activating the Miners-Lab application or Services.
Similarly, we may handle your data based on the legitimate interest of Miners-Lab in issuing publicity about our services.

In general terms, Miners-Lab will not transfer your personal data to third parties except where there is a legal requirement to do so or where you have expressly authorized us to do so when making use of our services.
Miners-Lab may share your personal information and/or social-demographic information, including, without limitation, a unique identification number (“UID”), postal code, region, province, gender, marital status, education, ethnicity/race (where permitted by applicable law), employment related information, non-personally identifiable information on household members, consumer product and service usage and ownership (e.g., computers, cars, mobile devices, video games, etc.), home ownership, pet ownership, employment information (e.g., title, role, travel, industry, etc.), and social grade, with third party sample/market research companies (individually each a “Third Party MR Company” and collectively the “Third Party MR Companies”) for the following purposes:   
1. Identifying client survey opportunities that you may be eligible for through the Third Party MR Companies; and 
2. Disclosing such data elements to clients of the Third Party MR Companies for audience measurement services; and 
3. Appending such data elements to completed client surveys and delivering the appended survey data to clients of the Third Party MR Company(ies) for analytical or research purposes; and 
4. Other uses as set forth in their privacy policy.   
If you are eligible for a client survey opportunity offered through a Third Party MR Company, the Third Party MR Company will provide your unique identification number and a survey link to us and we will invite you to participate in the client survey through our Offerwall. We will not share your name, email address, or phone number with the Third Party MR Companies. In connection with the sharing of your information with a Third Party MR Company, your information may be transferred and stored outside of your country of residence, including, without limitation, in the United States, and by agreeing to this privacy policy you are agreeing to the processing and exportation of your personal information as set forth in this Section. If you have any questions about this data sharing please contact [email protected] or you can opt-out by clicking on delete account in the Offerwall. If you opt-out, it is the responsibility of us to inform the Third Party MR Companies. Please note that Miners-Lab is solely liable and responsible for managing all opt-out requests. Your participation in such survey opportunities does not entitle you to any benefits offered by, or membership with, the Third Party MR Companies.

Any person has the right to obtain confirmation of whether Miners-Lab handles personal data pertaining to them.
Right to access: permits the interested party to know and obtain information about their personal data which has been or is being handled.
Right to rectification: permits error correction and modification of inaccurate or incomplete data and guarantees the certainty of the information being handled.
Right to suppression: permits the request to eliminate the data which is being handled.
Right to opposition: the right of the interested party for their personal data not to be handled or for handling of their data to cease.
Limitation of handling of data: Under certain circumstances, the interested parties may request the limitation of the handling of their data, in which case their data will only be held for the purposes of effecting or defending complaints.
Transferability of the data: the interested parties may ask to receive the data pertaining to them or which they have provided to us or may request, where technically possible, that we send these to another data controller of their choice, in a structured format for common use and which is machine readable.
Right to not be the subject of individual automated decisions (including preparation of profiles): the right to not be the subject of a decision based on automated data handling and which has consequent effects or significant repercussions.
Similarly, the interested party has the right to withdraw their consent at any time, without any repercussions on the legality of handling their data based on the consent they provide at the time of providing us with their data.
If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out in this document, please send a written communication with your details, including your national identity number, email us at [email protected]
Miners-Lab also hereby informs you of your right to submit a complaint to any possible options.

Information on use: Metadata pertaining to the Services. When a user interacts with the Services, metadata are stored which provide additional information about user activity.
Data recorded. As with most Internet services, our servers gather information automatically when the user makes use of the Services. This may include the IP address, identification of the device used to access the Services, the operating system and the device configuration.
Locational information. We may record the IP address of your mobile device to determine your approximate location and also to gather information about the location of the device in accordance with the configuration provided or defined by the user.
Contact information. In accordance with the consent process provided by your device, any contact information which an authorized user chooses to import (such as an address book from a device) will be recorded when using the Services.
Information about third parties. We may receive data from organizations, manufacturers and marketing campaigns related with the activity of the affiliates we use to improve our information or ensure it is as useful as possible. These data may be combined with the information we gather and may include aggregate data such as, for example, the relationship between IP addresses and postcodes or countries.