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Blog 06, Apr

Welcome to Miners-Lab!

Over the last 7 years I've been working with crypto mining hardware and I've been able to work with many different cloud mining services. I've tested many of them and often found that there was a large amount of them cheating the users, at least in my eyes it was cheating. Now I've taken everything that I've learned over those years and I've been able to build a group of contacts which share my enthusiasm about crypto mining. What was to come out of this was https://MineDogeco.in followed by https://Miners-Lab.com and then https://BitsOfTraffic.com and then https://Mokcoin.net and there is more to come so I hope that everyone reading this join's the project and drop in everyday you never know what's next for the users who join are always rewarded at least 1x a month sometimes 1x a week.

Thank you again for reading this post.

Jesse Ramirez Jr.
Owner & Admin