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About Mokcoin

Mokcoin Investment's goal is to make crypto mining accessible to everyone. We've developed a platform for Cloud mining called Miners-Lab which allows you to use computing power for mining cryptocurrency remotely. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining which involves significant difficulties, cloud mining gives users a unique opportunity to start mining instantly. Generate regular passive income without capital investments and in-depth technical knowledge. Our data centers house hundreds of Miners; high-efficiency computing equipment, manufactured specifically for mining cryptocurrency. Mining equipment requires sophisticated setup and regular maintenance; therefore, we take all of the complicated work upon ourselves. All cryptocurrency mined in our data centers is divided among all Miners-Lab users and is added to their account balances in accordance with the contribution to the overall capacity of the system — meaning depending on the amount of computing power purchased


Ultimate performance at low cost

World Wide Service

Servicing over 300 customers from 100+ countries

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

We are offering 4+ minable cryptocurrencies.

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Blog 06, Apr

Welcome to Miners-Lab!

Over the last 7 years I've been working with crypto mining hardware and I've bee...